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eleanor problem

Friday, April 14, 2006

RFC 1778

RFC 1778 is The String Representation of Standard Attribute Syntaxes for LDAP, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Taken from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol: An LDAP directory entry is a collection of attributes with a name, called a distinguished name (DN). The DN refers to the entry unambiguously. Each of the entrys attributes has a type and one or more values. The types free adobe acrobat readerare typically mnemonic strings, like cn for common name, adobe acrobat 70or mail for e-mail address. The values depend on the type. For example, a mail attribute might contain the value donald.duck@disney.com. A jpegPhoto attribute would contain a free adobe acrobat readerphotograph in binary JPEG/JFIF format. RFC adobe acrobat1778 free acrobat readerdescribes the brendaw0acformats for some eleanor53xsof the more common attribute types, like acrobat distillermail or jpegPhoto.


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